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Our Level Up Program


People Who Care’s Level Up program focuses on supporting people who have been long term unemployed and who may face a range of barriers preventing them from accessing the workforce.


These projects are fun and aim to keep people engaged in activities that develop skills, build self esteem and focus on addressing barriers that are obstacles in preventing people from living the life they desire. Level Up programs combine community projects whilst building the confidence of jobseekers to assist them in both skill development and other employment preparation.


Level Up is operating a range of interesting community and individual projects including, Street Libraries that are designed for local councils for the availability of free books at local and accessible places, Bike Rescue is making push bikes available to community members and groups, Quiet Books are an educational tool that can be used to help build children’s coordination, counting and colour recognition etc, Pallet Furniture involves the planning, constructing and distributing of pallet furniture to people in need, Gardening Projects including design and construction for community based gardening projects, Creations and Design for use by a range of community groups including murals and ceramic works, Bag Design and Development is the planning, design and making of different bags for the community including distributions to for homelessness programs, Web Design is the planning and development of websites as well as creating advertising and marketing documents for People Who Care projects. There are many more projects that are being completed across 8 locations.


There are also a range of individual projects including Kitchen Prep where people are involved in the planning of menus and food items as well as making the food and organizing the distribution of food to community groups for people in need. Other individual projects include Administration and Reception, Maintenance assistance, Gardening assistance and Design assistance.


For more information about our Level Up program please call 9379 1944