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Donate to help a pensioner in extreme financial hardship


For some in our community, it can be a choice between turning on the heating or eating a hot meal. Our Power A Pensioner initiative provides financial support to the frail, aged or disabled pensioners in Perth and the South West who rely solely on the pension and are experiencing extreme financial hardship. The program assists pensioners to pay for essential expenses such as medical bills, utilities, urgent house repairs, medication or household items like food or other groceries.


The Power A Pensioner program is funded by generous donations from the public, including local business and people who care fundraising efforts.

How Can You Help?


Read more about how you can donate to People Who Care or find out more about our volunteering opportunities for individuals or business. Call our head office on (08) 9379 1944 to find out how you can help or send an online enquiry and one of our friendly team will respond promptly.