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Why volunteer with People Who Care?


Volunteering is a great way to live a fulfilling life, giving your time and energies in the efforts to improve the lives of those around you particularly those less fortunate. People Who Care strive to be leaders in volunteering to assist people in need.


From the outset, our organisation’s focus has always been on connecting community-minded people with those who require some help.  People Who Care offer a very flexible volunteering experience – you may choose to volunteer half a day a week, once a week – or even slot in your volunteering around your fly-in fly-out roster.  We support students seeking community services as well as those studying to work in community care.  We are also a registered provider for those who have volunteering commitments through Centrelink.


We support all our volunteers via regular social get togethers’ such as coffee clubs and we love to celebrate our volunteers through annual national and international volunteering celebrations.  All our volunteers have access to a free counselling service, regular training, team meetings, zero interest loan scheme and are reimbursed for all out of pocket expenses occurred during your volunteering.


You can also access discounted rewards and may be eligible for the power a pensioner program which supports the community of people in need who are living on full aged pension or disability support pension. Our volunteers may be involved in one or more of our services and we actively support volunteers changing their service or trying different areas.  If you have some spare time, enjoy meeting new people and talking to our elderly or disabled clients – we’d love to hear from you.

Volunteering FAQs


Please read some of the most common questions we are asked about volunteering.

What is a volunteer?
A volunteer is an individual who donates their time and skills in one of our various services to support our charity’s purpose.


How much time does it take to volunteer?
It all depends on the volunteer position you choose. You can volunteer as a one off, a few hours a week or a month. People Who Care will assist in finding the right fit for you.


Can I choose the type of volunteering service I do?
You can work in an area most suited to your interests and skills.


Are my travel expenses covered?
People Who Care covers any reasonable out of pocket expenses.


Do I have to have a police clearance?
Yes. All volunteers must maintain a Police Clearance in accordance with the Aged Care Act 1997 and the Disability Services Act 1987. As volunteers are working with vulnerable people in the community and entering their homes, it is important People Who Care protect their interests.


What types of insurance coverage does People Who Care have?
People Who Care ensures that volunteers are appropriately insured in order to undertake the work required of them while they are volunteering.


What do I do if I don’t like my new volunteer role or want to change roles?
You are always welcome to speak with our Volunteer Coordinator to discuss any difficulties you may be having.


What is a not for profit organisation?
People Who Care has several features which identifies it as a not-for-profit organisation:
1. A constitution or set of rules it follows.
2. It is not subject to full government control even though they may be influenced by government funding.
3. It can make a surplus or profit but it is put back into the organization to fulfil its Purpose.
4. If People Who Care wound up its activities, the assets and any remaining funds must be distributed in accord with its Aims or distributed to similar organisations.

Get Started with Volunteering at People Who Care


Complete the application form to the right to register your interest in volunteering with us. For more information, call our helpful team on (08) 9379 1944 or send an online enquiry.

How do I get involved?