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Pay It Forward with People Who Care


What is and how do you Pay it Forward?


People Who Care in Perth pay it forward every day.  All that you have to do is help a stranger, support someone who needs help, show compassion to others and spend a little bit of time providing random acts of kindness to people who need them.  Did you know that every donation that the People Who Care charity receives is used to feed and clothe some of Perth’s most disadvantaged people in need. So every time we can attract a donation of $25 or more we can buy a blanket, or food, or buy items to support people in crisis situations and help them at their greatest time of need.

Help us pay it forward by supporting us in one of the following ways:


Click Here to pay it forward.


Cash donations


Did you know that every time we receive a cash donation we can buy an item or support someone who relies on support from People Who Care.


$10          Buys a blanket for someone without heating and help them get through winter.

$25          Buys a meal for someone who will go without food if they don’t get help from charity.

$50          Help us send a visitor to someone who is isolated and suffering depression.

$100        Buy one of our care kits that we distribute to the needy; a homeless support pack, a domestic violence emergency escape kit, or a box of non perishable “food pantry”pack.

$500+     You choose how and who you can support in consultation with People Who Care.


Donate items and shop at our op shops


Our Op shops not only supply some of Perth’s most needy families with emergency items but all our profits generated from sales made at our Op Shops go straight to Perth people who are in need.   The more stock that we accumulate means that we can help more people, it’s as simple as that.  Please consider donating to our Op Shop today, or make a purchase and look at some of the items for sale on line here.


Donate your services


Did you know that we support businesses that support us! If you own a business in Perth we are always looking for generous donations so that we can use them as prizes in raffles or at events to generate some much needed funding.  As a thank you for your kind support we are always happy to advertise your special offers to our clients and volunteers so that they too, can support friends of People Who Care.


Sponsor an event


Sponsor an event with People Who Care and really show your clients, customers and staff that you care about people in the local community. To have a confidential discussion about sponsorship please contact us on (08) 9379 1944 or email us at


Volunteer and perform some random acts of kindness


There are many volunteering opportunities available with People Who Care, but if you cannot volunteer with us, perhaps you can help a neighbor or try to help a stranger with a simple task.  It is easy to brighten someones day with a thoughtful gesture and a simple act of kindness.


Share your pay it forward story with us on Facebook and spread the word


Do you have a story to share?  We love hearing how you have acted out your Pay It Forward or how someone has shown kindness and acted a Pay it forward on you!  Let us know your story and let’s spread the word about how Perth people Pay It Forward. Send you Pay It Forward story to


Host your own pay it forward for People Who Care event and help us raise funds


Did you know that you can host your own People Who Care fundraising event and help us raise funds to support Perth’s most needy.   Every dollar counts and every dollar that we raise has a meaningful impact on people in Perth.  We regular run fundraising event where we would love to see you get involved or you can run one one your own and support us from the comfort of your own home!


Click Here to pay it forward.